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Squire Eiger 230

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Squire Eiger 230


Introducing the Squire Eiger 230mm D-Lock with Bracket. This is a Sold Secure Gold Standard lock bringing you the highest standard in cycling locks. The head of the lock is constructed from armoured steel for solid protection and longevity. The Shackle is constructed from the same armoured steel and has an octagonal sleeve which gives off less grip and catching points for machine powered tools to cut. The lock is provided with a mounting bracket which allows you to fasten the lock to the frame of your bike when you are cycling. Two Keys are also provided with lock and you can get more cut if you lose or damage the original set, just ring Squire or your local locksmith. The Eiger will fit most bikes frames for mounting purposes and will protect your bike until the very end. With a large horizontal shackle clearance of 105mm and 230mm vertical clearance, the lock gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre and position. Overall this is a solid lock to own and it will do everything it can to keep your bike safe and sound.

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