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Bike Marking: Take Your Security to the Next Level

We offer a number of bike marking kits here, alongside our high quality ABUS bike locks, but what exactly is bike marking and why should you do it?

Bike marking is what you would expect. You mark your bike and give it a unique code that is especially for that bike and that bike alone. You then register this code online at, linking that bike to you indisputably; even better is that every Police Force in the UK uses the BikeRegister database to search for stolen and recovered bikes! This means that in the event that your bike is stolen, the police are able to recognise that the bike they are looking has been stolen and isn't in the possession of the lawful owner i.e. you! As you have marked and linked that bicycle to yourself, it also means that they can return the bike to you when it is found! 

We offer three different types of bike marking kits here at Best Bike Locks: 

  • Membership Plus Kit (£12.99) - A highly durable tamper resistant QR Code label that gives your bike a unique BikeRegister ID.
  • Permanent Marking Kit (£19.99) - A kit to permanently mark your bike frame with a unique BikeRegister ID. This product holds Police-preferred Secured by Design accreditation.
  • UV Covert Kit (£29.99) - A kit to mark all of your bike’s components with hundreds of uniquely coded microdots, as well as a permanent, colourless UV etch and a high security TESA label to visibly mark your frame.

Please note that you will need a separate kit for each bike, because no two bikes should share the same code, otherwise it isn't unique! This is why just registering online with your frame numbers isn't the full package, because frame numbers can be shared between bikes!

Purchasing and using one of these kits not only means that you could be reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen, but the visible marking means that your bike becomes far less appealing for would-be thieves. 

Using one of these kits, and registering your details on, is a simple and proactive step towards keeping your bike safe from theft. Partner one of these kits with an ABUS lock and you are surely on your way to a winning bike security combination! #LockItMarkIt

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