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Best bike lock? Value for money?

What are the best bicycle locks available? What is the best bike lock that money can buy? 

These are some of the questions that people commonly ask themselves when trying to decide how best to protect their bicycle by purchasing a bike lock. We are going to have a look at some of the locks that we offer here at Best Bike Locks and go through some things that you might want to consider before you dive in and buy your dream bicycle lock. 

1. What is your budget? 

Spend 10% of the cost of your bike on your bicycle lock

Ok, so this may seem like it's an obvious question, but it is important to think about it while looking at locks, and maybe even before you begin. The general trend that you'll see is that the more you are willing to pay for a lock, the stronger that lock will be. If your bike costs a considerable amount of money, then it is going to be worth your while to invest in a lock that can keep it safe; you don't want to find yourself without a bike just because you didn't want to spend an extra £20 to go up a tier to Sold Secure Gold Standard... 

2. What type of lock do you want to purchase?

Another important thing to consider. Are you looking for a D lock, a cable lock, a lock that folds, a lock that can weave in between your wheels, easily transportable? The type of lock that you are going to need is probably dependent on... 

2a. Where are you going to lock your bike? 

Thinking about where you are going to lock your bike will change the type of lock that you are looking to buy. Does your work have sheltered bike racks, or are you going to have to find a railing or post in the street? Do you cycle around a big city, or a small town? You can read about the benefits of different lock types in a previous post on our blog. 

3. Multiple locks?

Having numerous bicycle locks and using them in combination is becoming commonplace, and there is little doubt as to its effectiveness, both as a security enforcer and a deterrent to theft. The usual partnership is a D lock and a cable lock. You'll find both in our store, as well as the ABUS Sinus Plus Combination Pack which represents great value and is definitely worth your time viewing and considering for a flexible, affordable bike lock option. 

Bonus: Bike Marking

We will dedicate another post purely to this, but as a brief overview: Bike marking is an easy, brilliant and relatively cheap way to protect your bicycle from theft. We provide three different marking kits for purchase here on Best Bike Locks, each providing protection and security in different ways. Statistics around bike marking have shown its effectiveness in preventing theft, as well as helping return bikes to their owners if they ever do get stolen.  

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