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Different Types of Bike Locks

Here at Best Bike Locks, we offer a number of different types of bike locks: D, or U, locks, cables locks and foldable locks. If you are looking to increase you bicycle security with a high quality bicycle lock, then you've come to the right place! All of our locks are produced by ABUS, one of the most recognised brand names in the industry, and someone who is known for producing some of the best bike locks available. 

We would always recommend bicycle locks which have the “Sold Secure” badge as that means they have been fully tested and given a rating of either Gold, Silver or Bronze.

D Locks

Incredibly popular, and offer great resistance to bolt cutters.

Even within this category we offer a range of bicycle locks, it really depends on your budget as well as the level of security you require. Our ABUS D locks range from £26.99 up to £89.99, all of which are at least Sold Secure Bronze standard. I'll highlight just two of them:

The ABUS Granit 53 has been specifically developed for the UK market and has achieved Sold Secure Gold status and represents one of our high end D locks on offer. 

We also stock the ABUS Sinus Plus Combination Pack which comes with two ABUS locks, one D lock and one cable lock. The D lock element by itself is a Sold Secure Silver Standard, but also comes with an additional complementary cable that, when used properly, increases the difficultly for thieves to get their hands on your bike. 

Cable Locks

Great portability and flexibility, commonly used in conjunction with a D lock.  

We offer three options for getting yourself a cable lock. An entry level cable lock in the ABUS Booster, which we would suggest is used with one of our D locks to fully secure your bike. The ABUS Centuro which is Sold Secure Bronze Standard individually, and would a great addition to a strong D lock to protect your bicycle. 

Finally, we offer a put together ABUS Sinus Plus Combination Pack that comes with both a strong D lock, and a cable that acts as a secondary deterrent. This two lock package represents exceptional value for money as well, making it incredibly popular. 

Foldable Locks

These locks offer great strength with the added benefit of compact storage. 

We only currently offer a single foldable lock here at Best Bike Locks, but we think it is a great one! The ABUS Bordo 5900 offers maximum flexibility and proves especially useful for fastening your bike securely to railings and posts. This makes it a real hit in commuter regions, especially when you consider the added ability to fold it up into a compact frame-mountable case. 

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